“Growth only happens when we succumb to being human and begin accepting our flaws” | Part 2

Risha Bharathan
3 min readNov 1, 2020


Now, how to succumb to being human and accepting our flaws? Glad you asked.

For those of you who have already read my previous blog post, welcome to the continuation where I will give you three ways that have helped me in inculcating a willingness and strength to bow before the great god: “growth”

1. Meditate

Nothing comes close to inculcating a mindset of ‘separating from self and just observing’ as meditation does. I started using guided meditations for first being able to quieten my anxious mind and being able to trust the process was just a joyful by-product of the same.

In effect, the first lesson you are taught while learning to meditate is how to let your thoughts be as they are and just be a third-party observer without changing anything.

I feel meditation helps a lot in being able to trust the process and journey called life and helps us count on it such that we believe, it will all work out in the end.

2. Introspect

Now unlike meditation, the reason I separate introspection is because this is where all those self-help guides/ articles (such as this very one) will be ruminated over in your mind during your “me time”.

This is the time where you digest the points gathered in all your research/ classes and look at how you can use them to fit your life. This is where you make all those generic points suitable to you.

3. Challenge yourself

This is an action taking behaviour where both your meditation skills and your introspective learnings come together to give you the courage to set yourself up for new challenges.

However small it may be (Just because you set your goal as tiny as I am going to skip dessert today to stick to my sugar goals, don’t think it’s not important!). Tiny goals when rewarded, helps you inculcate the risk-taking behaviour in yourself. You’re essentially shunning all the fear passed down to you generationally and reparenting yourself (because well, you’re an adult now).

These tiny changes are like a drop in the ocean and one day, it will all add up to you being able to unapologetically say ‘No’ to something that doesn’t align with your values or leave this current job that makes you miserable or even stand up to your alcoholic father who’s abusing you and your mom. Risk-taking needs to be cultivated. With all this, I leave you with just another thought,

“Celebrate your imperfections and let NO ONE tell you otherwise.”

We were all brought into existence not to see how perfect we can be but to see how well we’ve lived our lives, how much have we shunned irrational fears and, how far along this journey has indeed made us smile.

Lean into life | Take those risks | Fall | Stumble | Wobble | GROW!



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