Three Dependable Ways To Building Self-Confidence (Part 1/3)

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Living with low self-confidence

  1. I wish I didn’t care about people’s opinions.
  2. I wish I didn’t need to look to others for validation.
  3. I wish I weren’t so insecure about myself.
  4. I wish I were happy and content with myself.
  5. I wish I felt safer and more confident in my skin.

Where low self-confidence begins

  • The way her parents raised her to always obey the rules blindly. Even the unsaid ones!
  • The way her friends told her that there were groups that each person belonged to, and how Amber had to stay in her groups for survival.
  • The way her boyfriends conveyed to her subliminally that if she weren’t the perfect girlfriend, it was her fault that they’d lose interest in her.
  • The way her religion taught her to abide by commandments and precepts with blind faith. I mean, who could ever question God?
  • The way her professors taught her never to question the authorities. No matter what.
  • The way her coworkers told her how it’s okay for managers to treat their subordinates however they pleased.

Learning how to build confidence

Become Self Aware



  • A significant reduction in stress
  • A remarkable decrease in the intensity of depression
  • A sharp improvement in memory
  • A notable increase in immunity
  • A consequential improvement in overall mood
  • Feeling like she wasn’t alone.
  • Feeling more content and confident in her life.
  • Understanding which emotions to prioritize.
  • Understanding that her thoughts were the reason she felt lonely.
  • Feeling a general sense of wellbeing.

Mind-Body Practices

  • Yoga
  • Qigong
  • Tai chi
  • Pilates
  • Martial arts
  • Kickboxing
  • Ballet
  • Brazilian jiu-jitsu

Online Psychometric Tests

In the End

  1. Amber’s Story
  2. Amber’s shift in mindset to confidence
  3. Amber’s tested tools to building confidence Part 1
  4. Amber’s tested tools to building confidence Part 2
  5. Amber’s tested tools to building confidence Part 3



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